My… Preciousss!

This is a new blog, and a new site.

I wanted to do this for some time, the new domain exists for over a year. My old site was really outdated. The design was copied in the past century from the Sun intranet site, the graphics came from a friend that is today an acclaimed designer, but at the time was still learning. The site used a series of Velocity templates and Ant scripts to generate HTML and then upload it. Once I lost the whole thing years ago on a bad laptop crash, the site stayed, stale and aging… Time to move on!

My blog at is still valid, and I’ll double post things here and there. But even that needs some recovering…

Since I just passed 1000 followers on twitter (@brjavaman), this is a good time to launch this new site and blog. And to encourage people to learn about this site, I’ll give away one of the precious items of my personal Java items collection: a brand new JavaRing, from the batch that was saved from JavaOne 1998. It is a collector’s item, still on the plastic bag it came on, with the instructions manual. The batteries are supposed to run for 10 years, probably out by now, but this should not diminish it’s charm.

Want to run for it? Here is the deal: when I get to 1123 followers (just a cool number…), I’ll randomly (probably via choose someone that is following me to get the JavaRing. It needs to be a person: if it is a list or group, a magazine or a company, I’ll choose someone else. One last thing: since it will be Campus Party next week, the sooner I’ll run the draft is Friday, January 21st. If we reach the 1123 mark before that, we’ll just have to wait…

You can help out that the 1123 mark arrives sooner rather then later: I’ll twit some Java tips everyday, and you can RT them. That way, we can promote Java and get to your JavaRing faster! Point people to so they know what to do!

So, welcome to my new little space on the Internet! I do my best to not leave it outdated…

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Bruno Souza Open Source Communities Gardener, Java Developer, Technology Evangelist, the Guy with the Flag.
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2 Responses to My… Preciousss!

  1. Yara says:

    Congrats! Great job JavaMan!

  2. Great Bruno, I have already subscribed to your new site.

    Even Lula (Brazil previous President) used the Java ring.
    Lula's Java Ring

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