Bruno Ferreira de Souza

Brazilian JavaMan, the Guy with the Flag

(minicurrículo em português)

Since 1995, Bruno helps Java developers improve their careers and work on cool projects with great people! Java Evangelist at ToolsCloud and Leader of SouJava, the Brazilian Java Users Society, Bruno discuss Java and the Developer Career in his https://code4.life project.

Since 1995, helping Java developers improve their careers and work on cool projects with great people, Bruno Souza is the creator of Code4.Life. Bruno is a Java Developer and Open Source Evangelist at Summa Technologies, and a Cloud Expert at ToolsCloud. Developer communities are a personal passion, and Bruno worked actively with Java, NetBeans, Open Solaris, and many other open source communities. As founder and coordinator of SouJava (The Java Users Society), one of the world’s largest Java User Groups, Bruno leaded the expansion of the Java movement in Brazil. Founder of the Worldwide Java User Groups Community, Bruno helped the creation and organization of hundreds of JUGs worldwide. A Java Developer since the early days, Bruno participated in some of the largest Java projects in Brazil. Bruno is a former Director of the Open Source Initiative (OSI), served as President of the innovation-focused Campus Party Institute, and coordinated Nuvem, the Cloud Computing Lab of LSI/USP. When not in front of a computer, Bruno enjoys time with his family in a little hideout near São Paulo. An amateur in many things — photographer, puppeteer, father — he strives to be good in some of them.

Some past and present experiences:

– Summa Technologies: Java Developer and Project Lead, Bruno participated in some of the largest Java projects in the country, including the Brazilian projects that received the Duke’s Choice Award: the Income Tax Application and the National Health Care System. Bruno worked in important projects for large Brazilian companies in the banking, government and technology industries.

– Sun Microsystems: Java Evangelist and Worldwide Open Source Communities Manager, Bruno helped the growth of Java in general, and more specifically, the NetBeans and OpenSolaris communities.

– SouJava: as leader of one of the largest Java Users Group in the world, the Brazilian Java Society (SouJava), Bruno created and organized some of the largest Java events in the country, including all the editions of JustJava, the largest independent Java event in Brazil, Sou+Java and CafeBrasil, international gathering of developers and Javali, the Java Livre event, that helped start and fuel the discussion about the open sourcing of Java.

– Free and Open Source Software: Bruno helped join the Java and Free Software movements in Brazil, and is part of the organization of several large Free Software initiatives in the country, including the Forum Internacional Software Livre (FISL), one of the largest Free Software events in the world, and also the Free Software area of Campus Party, a huge multimedia event that joined many communities in Brazil and other countries. As director of the Open Source Initiative (OSI), Bruno worked with some of the world’s open source luminaries to expand and consolidate the worldwide open source movement.

– Cloud Computing: a believer in technologies that help developers, Bruno started early on in promoting and discussing cloud computing, focusing on Java developers. Bruno founded and leads the Cloud Computing Lab (Nuvem) at the Laboratory of Integrated Systems (LSI) at the University of São Paulo (USP), and helped bring the cloud computing discussion into the Brazilian government. Bruno is President of the Campus Party Institute, that promotes innovation in Brazil, and that is investing in interesting cloud projects. Bruno founded ToolsCloud, where he works to provides development tools for distributed teams on the cloud.

– Standards: Bruno helped the discussion about open source and open standards in the Brazilian Government, and drove the discussion around standards adoption for development purposes. The first Brazilian member of the Java Community Process (JCP), and rumored to be the first paying individual of the JCP, Bruno pushed the Java and open source discussion in Brazil and elsewhere.


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