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The Power of Choice

[I have talked about Jelastic in my Java&Cloud presentations for a long time. Their multi-datacenter, multi-partners, Java-standard based business model intrigued me from the start. Because of that, Jelastic invited me to write for their “Most Interesting Developer in the … Continue reading

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Combining Continuous Deployment, Containers and JavaOne

Continuous Deployment In a presentation (I think it was from Rundeck) I heard the phrase “service is software running”. It makes a lot of sense. Software is useful when it is deployed and functional. Deploying software — getting the code … Continue reading

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Devoxx4Kids Brasil: kids, teens and beyond!

Any ideas on how to spending an amazing time in a nice, hot, sunny, summer day Sunday with your whole family? How about spending the day indoors, in front of computer screens, with the window shades down, together with a … Continue reading

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LinguÁgil – Multi-language, Agile Event

I’m now coming back from a trip to Salvador, a beautiful city in the Northeast of Brazil where I went to speak at the LinguÁgil event. LinguÁgil, as the name implies, is a clever mixture of “Language” and “Agile”. The … Continue reading

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The Year is about to Start!

A couple of days ago a friend of mine told me that “the year is finally about to start”. He was repeating a popular saying that we have in Brazil, that the year only starts after Carnival. That is, today. … Continue reading

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Ler Inglês é Fundamental para o Desenvolvedor!

(This post is in the Portuguese category. Apologies to my English-reading friends!)

Você é ou pretende ser um desenvolvedor de software? Você precisa ler e escrever inglês. Aqui vão 4 dicas simples, que você pode começar hoje a mudar sua carreira como desenvolvedor! Continue reading

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Java 7 has launched!! Congra… What is this now?

I have been traveling quite a lot in the last few months, specifically to help with the Java 7 launch. During very important events, like the International Free Software Forum, FISL, and the very successful The Developer’s Conference, TDC, where … Continue reading

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